Fantastic Time of October!

Yeeeeeeah fandom how are yeh?!!!
I'm smiling so widely with all these Hey!Say!JUMP happenings over October, my birth month!

What do you guys say about their new single "Fantastic Time" set to be released on October 26? 8D
Maaaaan, just recently they released their album Dear eh?

And then of course there's what everyone is talking about -- really, don't think anyone doesn't know this by now -- Yamada Ryosuke's "Cain to Abel" set to air in FujiTV by October.
I can't express my feelings yet that he'll have a focused "leadin lady" in this drama, just gunna wait to see her. (Know her name, google her, find her fans and haters and gossip of her personality -- okay, imma calm down.)


Fic Break - slash - Reality Time

So, to whoever read Strange Magic and came up to this point, this entry is for you:

Hountou ni Arigatou Gosaimashita!!!! m(_ _)m
You didn't have to but you did, and I could not be more happier.
Well, perhaps I could be, if ever the people I wrote this fic for found this again. But if not, I'll just keep them in my mind.

Just as I'm moving on from this fic, I am also moving back to my day job: working overseas to have something to send my grandparents back home in the philippines. I am already in qatar typing this, checking out new jobs.

That is why for the next entries it would be as personal diary entries.

Oh, but I can't help myself from thinking about spin-offs like a vacation/beach one-shot, a few prequel chapters back with YaKaTa, how Diei's crew met... And maybe even a book 2. Who knows.

In the meantime I will keep public posts about once/twice a week, have to, or I'll get kicked out of the fandom communities I am subscribed to. x_x

So, matta ne minna~! See you around!


Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 21: Hajimari no Owari

OWARI DESHITA!!!! It's done!!!!
Thank you all for those who read even one chapter of my fanfic-slash-book.. However few, however begrudging, I am still happy to share a story I've finished writing publicly.
Until next time!

Finally Yamada Ryosuke and Mitsuhiko Diei caught up with Hitomori Yann and were able to successfully turn Ame-chan back to Chinen Yuri, but will they all be as successful with their hearts and regain what chances they had of beginning their high school romances?


When Nakayama Yuma next opened his eyes, he and his goons were being taken away in the police car for juvenile prison through the back entrance of the school grounds that the principal personally saw through. He also made sure there were ambulances around within seconds of the fight’s discovery to see to each of the injured, and even tried suggesting Yabu Kota and Kamenashi Kazuya get their bruised knuckles checked, though the bousouzoku boys threatening to break bones of anyone that touches them told him they will not be appeased as easily.

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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 20: Racing Time

Oh, my, gosh... We're nearly finished! I'll miss posting everyday ;m;

At last the mystic was found and was able to give them the solution to Chinen Yuri’s predicament and Yamada Ryosuke that final push he needed to admit his feelings for Mitsuhiko Diei, but would it be too late?


“You are so dead to me.”

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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 19: Confessions

OMG I'm so excited, nearly finished!

Due to regretting her actions towards Chinen Yuri, Hitomori Yann willingly travels the distance to apologize, not knowing she already has him in puppy form inside her lunch bag. Now that the mystic was found can they finally know what will happen at the end of the day?


Trust Yamada Ryosuke to forget his cellphone by the foot of her telephone stand (which she spotted while moving the get-well gifts from her doorstep inside the hallway after she woke up around 3 p.m.) making her come to school in her open-sleeves shirt and jeans. The only saving grace was the bell had not rang for the end of classes yet and Diei could pop in on just one classroom avoiding more chances to be gawk at.

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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 18: Guilty Hearts

Welp, two posts in a day treat! (since I did not post yesterday urgh..)

While the early morning brought Hideki Aya new perspective to Nakajima Yuto’s personality and graced Hitomori Yann the true relationship between the seto-kaichou and Chinen Yuri, it denying peace between Mitsuhiko Diei and Yamada Ryosuke yet again might be the end of anything that could ever start.


“What the hell is wrong with you?”

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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 17: Morning Surprises

MEEP! I missed one day to post urgh!? x_x

Contrary to what Yaotome Hikaru believes, a lot had happened in one night starting with his classmates warming up with Yamada Ryosuke to him sharing a kiss with Mitsuhiko Diei, but what else could happen in the morning?


There was a reason Aya didn’t hang out with Nakajima Yuto even if he was also childhood friends with her and Yamada Ryosuke coming from Kitagawa Elementary to THS: half his brain was all about basketball, the other half hitting on girls. He and his teammates tried their best to charm, share their dinner bentos and get a date out of her and first year Tomogawa Airin that flustered the girl which Yuto found to be adorable as he kept saying so much, Aya had to restrain herself from barfing during their bus ride, all four hours of its way.

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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 16: Endless Night

Phew! Almost late posting! eme

Everyone is so worried of the seto-kaichou they didn’t seem to mind Yamada Ryosuke getting closer, except Mitsuhiko Diei. With the real reason why she holds the THS Prince at bay becomes clearer only to those closest to her, will Diei and Yamada themselves finally realize?


Diei would have slept through dinner if they had let her. After the first batch of food was done they then forced her to eat first trying everything: Arioka guilt-tripping her about shaming what he and Yamada cooked with all their hearts (which Yamada wisely did not join in bullying her to do so, though she noticed he personally cut up her chicken and meatballs); Inoo threatening they’d all spoon-feed her alternately (though this idea was quickly abandoned after one grin from Diei that promised to hurt anyone who try it); Jeyn logically pointing out that the earlier she eats the earlier they’d let her sleep (she almost agreed to that); to the point that Inoo, Takaki, Hara, Iel, and Windy threaten not to go home until she does which would have made Yaotome proud. Collapse )
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Strange Magic [A JUMP fic] Chapter 15: Takeover

If I keep up posting a fic a day, I'll be able to finish posting the whole story just in time before my flight back to reality eme

A wish potion has been revealed and its up to Aya, Airin and Yuto to follow through the game plan both Diei and Yamada came up with, though they themselves can only play cover-up and wait that there still might be hope for Chinen Yuri.


The drive didn’t take long, the grocery did. Yamada only too gladly followed after Diei excusing herself to find the ice packs when her shoulder started to act up and he insisted on carrying them. In return, she bought them both strawberry drumsticks which they ate hiding behind tall stalls to last them till dinner. Arioka and Jeyn make a great couple but were terrible at deciding on what kind of pasta to cook that they took a whole quarter of an hour at the supermarket and almost drove Yamada up the walls, Diei just smiling behind them all the way.

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